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February life skill: Courtesy
  about taekwondo   Benefits of Taekwondo

Instructors train their students to the best of their ability. Some students come fit, while others have come 100 pounds overweight. Most come with limited flexibility. Adults start at any age, as we have had some adults who started as late as age 65, and have still earned their black belts. As a student, you are looked upon as an individual, never compared to anyone else. Your instructors will be there every step of the way. All that is expected is a willingness to try.


Here are some benefits you can expect from training in Taekwondo:

    Fitness - The principles of Taekwondo techniques are based on the design of your body. For power you develop the larger, powerful muscles of the torso. The speed of the techniques comes from the fast, agile muscles of the arms and legs. As you progress in Taekwondo, you will learn to coordinate this speed and power, and develop a concentration to focus all of your body's strength into a small, hard striking surface like the edge of the hand or the heel of a foot.

    Self-Defense - When the speed and power developed through Taekwondo is used in a self-defense situation against the vulnerable parts of an attacker's body, the results can be incredible. Taekwondo allows a woman to emphasize many of her natural physical strengths, such as power in the legs, while learning a method of self-defense efficient against a much larger opponent. Knowing you can defend yourself, your confidence will grow. And confidence alone is usually enough to deter potential attackers.

    Self-Confidence - This does not come naturally for many people, but self-confidence can be developed over a period of time. Through Taekwondo, as you accomplish new goals, your confidence level increases. Taekwondo instills a sense of discipline and self-confidence that can carry over to all aspects of your life.


  about taekwondo   Life Skills of Songahm Taekwondo

When a student learns Songahm Taekwondo, the focus of his or her training is not only on physical strength and growth, but also on important skills that will help lead to personal successes in life. These Life Skills will benefit students inside the classroom and beyond. After all, a healthy individual is characterized by a strong body and a strong mind so that you can attack any curve ball life throws your way.

Each life skill taught through ATA curriculum is based on The Songahm Spirit of Taekwondo oath, a promise each student makes at the beginning and end of each ATA event to prepare them for what lies ahead.


At the beginning of each event the oath is as follows:
"Sir/Ma'am, I shall practice in the spirit of Taekwondo; with courtesy for fellow students, loyalty for my instructor and respect for my juniors and seniors, sir/ma'am"


At the end of the event, the promise is targeted more for behavior outside of the do-jahng:
"Sir/Ma'am, I shall live with perseverance in the spirit of Taekwondo; having honor for others, integrity for myself and self control in my actions, sir/ma'am"


By promising to live by these monthly Life Skills, the students are dedicating themselves to a life of success!


January == Goals in the Martial Arts
February == Courtesy
March == Loyalty
April == Goals for your Education
May == Respect
June == Attitude (Spirit)
July == Goals for your Relationships
August == Perseverance
September == Honor
October == Goals in the Community
November == Self Control
December == Integrity


Belt Meaning

about taekwondo

White Belt
“Pure and without the knowledge of Songahm Taekwondo. As with the Pine Tree, the seed must now be planted and nourished to develop strong roots.”

Orange Belt

“The sun is beginning to rise. As with the morning’s dawn, only the beauty of the sunrise is seen rather than the immense power.”

Yellow Belt

“The seed is beginning to see the sunlight.”

Camouflage (Camo) Belt
“The sapling is hidden amongst the taller pines and must now fight its way upward.”

Green Belt

“The pine tree is beginning to develop and grow in strength.”

Purple Belt

“Coming to the mountain. The tree is in the mid-growth and now the path becomes steep.”

Blue Belt
“The tree reaches for the sky toward new heights.”

Brown Belt
“The tree is firmly rooted in the earth.”

Red Belt
“The sun is setting. The first phase of growth has been accomplished.”

Red/Black Belt
“The dawn of a new day. The sun breaks through the darkness.”

Black Belt
1st Degree (1st Dan)
“The tree has reached maturity and has overcome the darkness… it must now plant seeds for the future."

Black Belt
2nd to 8th Degrees (Dans)

  about taekwondo   Form Descriptions


Download Technical Information for all color belt forms here.